Appraisals Overview

Henning Fine Art provides an economical, quick and easy option for getting your most valued fine art and object appraised. The complexities of determining the value of artwork is a daunting and virtually impossible task for anyone who has not been formally educated and has years of experience. This online economical option is an excellent resource for those who need a rapid 48 hour guarantee evaluation. 

This option is best suited for anyone who has artwork in their home, family or possession that have little to no information regarding it. Whether the work of art was inherited from a deceased family member or purchased at a thrift store you need to know exactly what you have before your decision to sell. It is most unfortunate when excellent works are sold at garage sales, estate sales and even many auctions that don't specialize in appraising art for just a small fraction of what it should have.

This not only results in the seller getting a sub optimal result but generally these works that carry substantial value and historical significance which should rest in an established collection or museum are lost to time. Countless times have important original works gone to places where they sat and got destroyed over time sitting in poor conditions because they were never correctly appraised before taking them to market.

The majority of owners either assume that their art is worth a fortune or absolutely worthless; both mindsets are just as flawed. Please consider this easy and efficient appraisal option, we are here to serve you the best we can!


48 Hour Online Appraisal Service

Easy, Efficient, Invaluable

$50 Dollar Appraisal

48HR Guarantee Turnaround  

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Option 1

You can add to your cart an appraisal service for one work of art to the left, once you add the appraisal to your cart and check out please send us an email to 

If you have more than one work of art, adjust the quantity before checkout.

The following information is required when asking for an appraisal...

  1. Artist's name or initials

  2. Title

  3. Medium (watercolor, etching, oil on canvas, etc.)

  4. Size, not including frame

  5. Signature location and or initials

  6. Any labels or inscription (check the back thoroughly)

  7. Where acquired or known provenance

  8. Condition, if known, any repairs or inpaint

Please email images of your artwork, including as much of the above information as possible to