Economical Online Appraisal (48 Hour)


Economical Online Appraisal (48 Hour)


The essential first step in appraising you art with our hassle free and easy online appraisal service.


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Economical Basic Online Appraisal With 48 Hour Guarantee

We offer a quick and easy basic online appraisal which requires an email sent with good photographs and a description to your best ability stating the condition, medium, artist, and dimensions. Our response will come within 48 hours of your initial inquiry guaranteed unless further information is required in which we will promptly let you know.

Email us at with your invoice number after purchasing this service.

Please include the following in the email

  • Artist's name or initials

  • Title

  • Medium (watercolor, etching, oil on canvas, etc.)

  • Size, not including frame

  • Signature location and or initials

  • Any labels or inscription (check the back thoroughly)

  • Where acquired or known provenance

  • Condition, if known, any repairs or inpaint

We look forward to assisting you in appraising you art in an economical, accurate, quick, and honest manner!